Second Annual Balkan Forum Outcomes

The Balkan Forum supports the principles and priorities established at the Conference on the Western Balkans held in Berlin on August 28, 2014. As an independent platform for generating and implementing innovative strategies for regional collaboration, the Balkan Forum serves as a link among various regional stakeholders within the Berlin process across the private, civil society, and government sectors.



This year’s Forum gathered diverse stakeholders to build on progress made since the First Annual Balkan Forum. This second Forum will focus on three interconnected sectors where innovative approaches and meaningful change are considerable: 1) Education for Sustainable Development, 2) Human Capital and Labor Markets: Potential for Green Employment, 3) Economic Development, Energy, and the Environment: Grids and Liberalized Energy Market – Opportunities for South East Europe.

Over 60 leaders from the Balkans participated in this year’s Forum to explore the region’s strengths and comparative advantages, with the overarching goal of catalyzing regional development competitiveness within European and global markets.

Our cofounder and President (Managing Director), Konstantina Zoehrer was invited to participate as a discussant on Human Capital and Labor Markets: Potential for Green Employment.

You can read the outcomes of the session here and more detailed information about the Second Annual Balkan Forum here

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