180 Moires facilitating at “Innovation ID 2014” Conference

Design is an important tool for the development of entrepreneurship and mainly for the production of high added value innovative products and services that bring increased profits from business, was the central conclusion of the successfully implemented conference “Innovation ID 2014”, which was held on Tuesday, October 21st May 2014, by the Business & Cultural Development Centre (K.E.P.A.), the Goethe-Institut, the British Council and the Metropolitan Development Thessaloniki S.A. with the support of the Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award at the premises of the Goethe-Institut.

The conference was aimed to inform existing and new entrepreneurs, executives and employees of small and medium-sized businesses in the city and the region of Thessaloniki, as well as students, about non-technological innovation.

Alexandra Velnidou participated in the conference, presenting 180 Moires and supporting the Design Challenge, October 20-21 in Thessaloniki.

>>> Report on “Innovation ID 2014” Conference

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