Think Social. Act Business. in Thessaloniki

Following the success of the related conference we organised as part of our EUNIC Greece programme of events in Athens last December, it is our pleasure to invite you to a new social entrepreneurship event we’re organising in Thessaloniki this time as part the local EUNIC Thessaloniki Greece cluster activities and in collaboration with the Metropolitan Developing Agency of Thessaloniki S.A.

We have invited a group of social entrepreneurs along with representatives from relevant social organisations working in Greece and internationally to share their views at a conference, whose aim is to raise awareness and inform young people and wider audiences of the opportunities and future prospects of the social enterprise sector in Greece and Europe.

The conference will conclude with a series of workshops aimed at contributing to the overall discussion on social entrepreneurship and to present examples of best practice and international experiences as a means of supporting social entrepreneurship activity in Thessaloniki.

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