Our Founding Story

In the midst of the Greek economic crisis, a group of passionate people met in the right place, at the right time. Deeply affected by the domino-effect of the crisis - unemployment, marginalization, homelessness, lack of access to health services for an ever growing number of people - we also shared visions of a better world that we would love to create.

What we do best

Every social problem has a deeper root within our social ecosystem. We therefore need to understand it as part of the ecosystem and not separated, so we engage all stakeholders to work with us in our processes to change social structures and provide more concrete social services and solutions.

At 180º we provide individuals and communities with innovative tools and skills, combining social research, design, training and coaching. Our aim is to create opportunities for experiential learning, empowerment, development and personal and professional self- sufficiency.

We strongly believe that only through collective societal support structures and active participation will it be possible to eradicate social exclusion and empower people.

Our Services

Social and Design Research
Conducting research on social economy issues (collaborative environments, trends, social/sustainable banking/ emerging markets, etc.)

Training and Capacity Building
- Social inclusion through Education and Training - Workshop Series
- Social Innovation for Growth (Social Lab) Workshops
- Coaching for Social Innovation and Impact

Development of Social Services and Products
- Social Impact Analysis
- Design Thinking Methodology

We firmly believe in collaborative structures.

On the frontlines of social change

With our intergenerational and intercultural team, of thinkers, designers, coachers, strategists, social researchers and many more, we wish to play our part in transforming today’s social services, bringing creativity in our everyday lives.

Let's work together

Our services address the needs of Individuals, Social Enterprises, NGOs and Organizations of the private and public sector. Drop us a line if you’re interested in finding out more.

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